After School Care

Big Aftercare

Big Aftercare is available to WSOC students in grades 1-8.
We currently offer a variety of enriching activities throughout the year. In addition, our program offers older students a focused place where they can complete homework assignments, practice instruments, or socialize with friends.
$8.00 per hour — Pre-reserved
$12.00 per hour — Drop-in

Special Information for Grades 1 – 3

For students staying past 1:10pm on early release days, parents need to pre-reserve aftercare so that our staff can plan appropriately.

Unreserved time will be billed accordingly. Parents still need to pre-reserve for these students so that the staff may plan accordingly. Standard rates apply for students remaining in Big Aftercare after 2:50 P.M.

New Pick Up Procedure for Big Aftercare!

When you arrive for pick up, please direct message JAY BRIAND through your ParentSquare app on your phone. Click on “Messages”/”New Message”/and type in his name. Write, “Here to pick up (child’s name).”

Little Aftercare

Our Early Childhood Aftercare program is an after school program available to WSOC Pre-K and Kindergarten students and is designed for children who require a nurturing place to go when the regular school day ends at 1:00 P.M.
It is our desire to provide your child and our community with a loving and healthy after school environment.

Aftercare will start with a brief out breath in the yard before transitioning in for a quiet rest time. Each child will be provided a cot along with a sheet that will be kept in its own personal bag, labeled with their name. After rest time, children will be excused to play outside. Games, crafts and joyful surprises will be provided. Snack will follow, which may include fresh fruit, vegetables and/or allergy friendly granola or rice crackers.

$8.00 per hour — Pre-reserved
$12.00 per hour — Drop-in

Little Aftercare is open from 1 P.M. until 3 P.M.

Extended aftercare is available until 4 P.M. by pre-reservation only for $12/hour.

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